Connect to Nature Course April 2015

Connect to Nature Course April 2015-image 4th April- 2nd May 2015- 4 weeks of coached creative adventures - delivered to you online but taken in nature. You will explore and deepen your connection to some of the green spaces near you, whilst having fun and being creative. adventures arrive in your inbox weekly, with online cheerleading and reflections from us. Join us! Find out more by clicking on the button >>>
ooo that sounds good!

Here's what others have to say about their experiences of reconnecting to nature

I like to look at grand vistas and appreciate them, then look down to my feet and around where I'm standing or walking for the "fine print"!!
This has been such a gift and helped me connect at a much deeper level to the part of Norfolk where we live. Something about the microcosm and macrocosm. It reignited something.

September 20th Sept 2015 is International Connect to Nature Day

September 20th Sept 2015 is International Connect to Nature Day-image We ran our first ICN day in Sept 2014 and loved it so much we wanted to run it again in 2015. It lands on a different date this year, but we have decided it will run on the Sunday closest to the official date of the Equinox. We are inviting as many people as possible to join us for a day of creatively connecting to natural places and spaces near you, all over the world. If you would like to be kept up to date with our plans please sign up to our mailing list below. Connection with nature starts with small but regular visits to nature, slowly but surely regaining our confidence in these spaces and places. But wherever you are on that reconnection journey, you can always give nature ONE MORE MOMENT to pay it attention, nurture it and be inspired by its wonder. For some ideas on what you could do to mark International Connect to Nature Day check out the links below. But whatever you do please let us know by using #connect2natureday hashtag on social media, follow us and share your adventures on facebook 'International Connect to Nature Day'
I want some nature magic

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Jaimie-image I'm Jaimie MacDonald, an educator, life coach and maker. Whilst at Edinburgh College of Art in 2005 I became interested in making work which tackled issues of sustainability and reuse of materials. I have a real love for education, sustainability and the environment and express this through exploration of green spaces, coaching people on rediscovering curiosity and creativity in their lives, creative reuse and nature play projects, and making jewellery from reusable materials. My favourite moments are when people realise they can do something they had never thought of before, when they begin to believe in their own creativity and connection to the world around them. After working in arts and creativity and living in the city for 10 years I started to feel a real yearning to reconnect to the natural spaces that surround me, to explore and rediscover the deep and relaxed connection I had as a child. Exploring in this way has given me so much delight and sense of peace. It has offered a way of noticing the connections, patterns and rhythms around me and finding a new way of seeing my place and purpose in it all.
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Morwhenna-image I'm Morwhenna Woolcock. I am an artist, designer, creative adventurer and creative marketing consultant who after working for over 10 years for a large corporate company, left to follow my own path and rediscover my creative heart. I love combining creativity, sustainability and community by breathing new life and purpose into ‘pre-loved’ and recycled materials. I also love to create 'projects' alongside my creations that connect people. (Bags of Love for Bristol, Love What You Wear, Supermarket Free Challenge to name a few.!)
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